About us

Silver 3 was established in 1998 and has been operating in Information Technology sector since then. Silver 3’s focus is especially on internet and web. Due to the growing importance of the internet, Silver 3 has put extensive effort on designing dynamic websites and programming CMS software; and its efforts have resulted in various valuable products.

A good website needs a reliable web host. Therefore, Silver 3’s management has always been looking for a good and reliable hosting service. After a test and trial period with different well-known hosting services, the Canadian company, Alentus, proved to be capable of providing competitive results. Alentus, with extensive hardware and software facilities, provides a better service compared to its peers and its services and continuous and reliable which is exactly what a website needs. Currently, Silver 3 is the nominated representative of Alentus in Iran and is ready to provide Windows® web hosting services.

In case a user is not totally satisfied with the services, there will a 30-day period money back opportunity. The service is also 99.999% guaranteed and the technical specifications of this guarantee can be found in services section. We do not intend to provide the cheapest service; instead we insist on a reliable service which is, in our belief, much more important than a cheap service. If there are delays or problems in our services you will receive indemnity.

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